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Club Volleyball

TopDog Volleyball Club is for athletes who want to train and prepare to play at a competitive level. Players will be evaluated at tryouts based on their skill level performance and placed on teams with other players of similar skill level. 

10U-12U (Ages 9-11)

  • Local Teams practice 1 day per week for 2 hours per session and will compete in 4 local one day tournaments. Season duration is January-March.
  • The Uniform package will include a jersey, spandex, cinch sak and 2 practice tees with an option to purchase a personalized backpack.

13U (Ages 12)

Regional Teams practice 2 days per week for 2 hours per session.

  • Teams attend 6 tournaments including 4 one day tournaments, one out of town tournament and SRVA Regional Championships, Season duration is January-April.

National Teams practice 3 days per week for 2 hours per session except when in a weekend tournament.

  • Teams attend 6 tournaments including 4 two day tournaments, one out of town tournament and SRVA Regional Championships

14U and Up (Ages 13-17)

  • Regional and National Teams practice 3 days per week for 2 hours per session.
  • Attend 6-8 tournaments 
    • Teams will attend tournaments within the area/region.
    • National Teams will travel out of state for a minimum of 2 tournaments including the AAU Nationals tournament in June of 2024 (4-day tournament)

Tournament attendance is what teams train for and a mandatory part of Club Volleyball. Great work, expense, and effort is taken by the Club, Coaches, Teams and player families  in committing to tournaments, so attendance is taken seriously. For this reason, missing a tournament for any reason other than injury/illness will result in a penalty to the player family, as outlined in the financial agreement.


  • The practice schedule will begin late October following the School volleyball season and end in March for Local teams and in April of 2024 for Regional teams.

    National teams will begin following the school volleyball season and end their season in June of 2024 following the AAU Championship Tournament.

  • Exact practice dates will be posted on the Club Calendar once teams are fully committed.
  • Players are expected to attend all practices to begin working with their new teammates.
    • Tournaments will begin in January and all players will be required to wear practice and tournament uniform attire.
  • Agility, Strength, Conditioning, and Injury Prevention will also be provided to players and incorporated into practices. Coaches may also provide additional training requirements outside of training provided in the gym to further strengthen development and preparation for the tournament season.

  • Travel, accommodations, food, and team-building activities are not included in club dues and are the responsibility of each player's family.
    • ​​​​​​​Team Building will be arranged by volunteer Team Managers. 
  • Uniform fitting dates will be announced  upon team formation.

Upon Commitment to TopDog, all players and parents must agree to adhere to the TopDog Code of Conduct and SRVA Spectator Code of Conduct. 

SRVA Age Division Calculator

To calculate your player's age division follow this link. Players may qualify to play up based on skill level. However, players may not play in a lower age division as defined by SRVA.

What's Included?

Volleyball Training
Tournament Registration
Coaches Pay
Coaches Travel (as applicable)
Uniform Package
Club Administration
Club Equipment

Regional and National Team Uniform Package*

2 Team Jerseys
2 Practice Jerseys
2 Spandex/Shorts
1 Backpack
*All Included in Club Fees

Please Note:
Volleyball shoes, socks & kneepads are needed to play and should be purchased separately, as they're not included as part of the uniform package.

2023-2024 Club Fees

Local Teams
10U - $1650
11U - $1650
12U - $1650
13U - $1650
Regional Teams
13U - $2800
14U - $3300
15U - $3700
16U - $3700
17U - $3700
18U - $3700


National Teams
14U - $4460
15U - $4460
16U - $4460
17U - $4460
18U - $4460


A $750 Deposit will be Due Upon player Commitment so that we may register the team for tournaments and order uniforms. 

A Monthly Payment Plan for the Remaining Balance is available.